Saturday, November 12, 2011

new life...

 True to the times, Bernick's Steak House closed down last month. (seems they cut and ran in the middle of the night). Well this month, it has been taken over, and a new life is set to start tonight. The new name is Sinatra's, and hopefully it will be successful. Last week I was stopped on the street, where I was just finishing up a lettering job, and asked to do the name changing. I came up with a logo (font) and did all of the lettering. The A-frame sign that Bernicks used, was striped and re-painted, and lettered. It has been 5 years or so since I made the A-frame sign, and other than being a bit scratched and splattered with something, it was solid and and in great shape. I have been asked in the past, "why are they so expensive?" and that's just why, quality goes along way... Plus $400 is really not that expensive.

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