Wednesday, May 27, 2009


1957 Thunderbird 312 Y-Block with manual 3 speed overdrive trans. Came out of a restored car, strong runner. Contact me for more info.

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Harris' 29' roadster, a look into the future....

Just got these pics sent to me from Ken Harris of the 29' all mocked-up with the 50' flathead and the running gear installed. Looks real nice.


Dave and Brian's very nice Triumph's

KKOA Santa Maria car show weekend...

West Coast Kustoms, Crusin' Santa Maria 2009...

Mountain Pearl
restored to it's
showdays glory
with the plexiglass
firewall window...

Jeremy's roadster, newly finished

Great panel lace work on this El Camino

Nice 35'

Just got home from the show... Alot of great cars this year, with alot of historic examples. Had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones. Somehow, the day before my friend Clay bought Kirk Jones room off that HAMB message board, so we were golden. The Cruise, to my surprise was quite good, and went on for some time.
There is a healthy mix of Bombs, Kustoms, Hot Rods & Lowriders. Alot of bikes.
I had a very good time, but I will say that this show is lacking the soul
that Paso possessed. And having not attended the show last year, it was
a real bummer to have to pay to park, and then again, to get into the
fairgrounds. Once inside, it now feels like any other show, just the cars
are geared a bit more to my liking. Also everything in Santa Maria is
super spread out. You can't walk from Motel to Motel and check out
the different cars, as the strip is 10 miles or so long. And after we went
to bed all of a sudden we woke up to 10 cop cars and police outside our
window yelling to do CPR on that guy, and other cops yelling for another
guy to drop the knife! Great a stabbing, I hear about stabbings on the
local news in Santa Maria at least once a week, but that is a bit too close
for me. And there was a lack of friends coming down to this show (people
I look forward to seeing, and didn't).

Suburban with the overider that I need to find

Alot of bitchin F100's at this show

Barris Re-Do...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tears in my beer, and a finger in the air....

Going to Santa Maria this weekend, for the KKOA show....

Just got back to the house from working in downtown Paso. The replacement for the car show this year in Paso, is a new "Art Show" weekend in the park. They also have a 1920's car show sharing the park. There will be bands, and art and chitty chitty bang bangs. Oh and the bicycle nerds that drove everyone crazy during Paso's past, they were allowed to come back and are also in town setting up.

As an artist, I'm all for art shows... But these people are the uptight, wine drinking, condescending, judgemental lot. The kind that poo poo anything that is not a landscape, or a vineyard painting. The car show was one of the best "Art Shows" that I had ever seen. Alot of busy work going on for this thing also, the city allowed the street to be painted with some god awful design for this weekend. And there are people running around hanging rainbow colored wind socks around the park.

I guess that I am turning into a bitter old man, perhaps I should leave well-enough alone. Smile as I'm driving south to the bumming host city for the West Coast Kustom Show, but it is so hard to do. It's so hard to know that we had it all here in Paso, for so many years. I run into so many people in different areas, that once they find out where I'm from, always ask; how do we get the car show back in Paso. Perhaps I' m just a bitter loser. The Yuppie assholes have won. Rant On!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Way too many.....

Last night our hound "Molly" had 13 puppys, one didn't make it, but the other 12 are doing fine. Now what to do with all of these pups?!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

SLO Roadsters....

Ran into some ol'timers yesterday, who invited us to San Luis to look at their cars and have a beer. There was a who's who list of names. Rod Powell, Steve Moal, Roy Brizio, and many others. Great stories and nice cars....

Random shot, McCarthys Irish Pub San Luis Obispo, last night

How much better can it get than this?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost Pictures, a look back

OK so I found a bunch of un-developed 35mm film today in a drawer. 16 roles from 4 years ago or longer. The following posts are from those old pics. Enjoy, I will add more from time to time....

Danny Angel's Triumph....

Here are some shots of Danny's Triumph right after he put it together. I hadn't lettered the tank or the tire lettering yet. Neat ripper....

Ford 4 banger races....

A few years back, my buddy Greg and I bluffed our way into this invite only 32' Ford club meet and picnic. It was held at the Santa Margarita Ranch south of Paso Robles. Going to a 32' meet is sort of like looking at 57' Chevys at a Goodguys show, they all start to look the same, but different colors. Anyhow, they hosted 4 banger drags, and that was super cool. Any time a small motor is made to go fast, I'm interested.

Bitchin intake made somewhere down south in the 1940's. Note the mexican under the cactus design. Only a handfull were produced.

Dodge yard......

This was a great find. So many roadsters and pheatons, even some trucks. I bought a 1920 pheaton body and a front half tub, a frame and springs from this guy for $400. Not a bad day...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Clay's "T"-Bird

Just got done striping around all of these panels, not an easy feat on a heavy flaked out car. Your eyes play many tricks on you. It had to be striped in the shade for sure.