Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lompoc yesterday...

Valley Drive-In Theatre, Lompoc, Ca.
Still standing, "sad and beautiful", all at the same time...
It's amazing to me that these towns have turned their backs on this sort of history, in lieu of strip malls and Starbucks stores. Perhaps this is why their youth are so misled...


  1. yah super sad, i get so bummed when i see they tore down another awesome old building.

  2. America is so short sighted. Our history is already not very old compared with the rest of the world. But what history we do have, is our own and truly American. However, it seems like if a building or business is over 50 years old, it's time to tear it down and rebuild or move to a strip mall, and let the building fall into disrepair. Every town that you go to, now has the same strip malls, with the Starbucks, Jamba Juice's etc. These strip malls for sure won't age well, so our children will be tearing them down to make room for???

  3. america's small towns have almost lost all of their unique identities. most towns i go through are exactly the same. local flavor replaced by soulless franchises.