Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rendezvous 32' Jalopy Racer...

Rendezvous 32' sedan racer, 1940's-50's Southern California racer (Gardena Ca.)
Lettering on the side reads;
Rendezvous Tap & Bottle beer w/ a beer mug.
This car was found in Barstow, and is being
restored to it's "race days" glory.
I will update pics when I finish lettering the car.

"Childs Play" Rod & Kulture coverage...

rod & kulture sponsored
Childs Play

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Bench racing always seems to lead to "What if..." followed by some theoretical, out of reach, or just too expensive, combination. Traditional Rod and Kulture Illustrated readers and fans usually go one better, adding to the fantasy by including discovery of that tucked away vintage vehicle, or the ultimate: a racer with a storied history.
Read the rest of this article in ISSUE 17: John D' Agostino's Egyptian

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rides oF marcH

Rides of March 2009, Push Start Scooters March run. 106 mile loop through the lush Central Coast country-side. Perfect weather this year, 75 or so, no fog along the coast. 150 to 200 scooters (no head count to be sure) People from many different states, countries. So super bitchin' bikes. A great Saturday for sure. I only got to go on the first half of the ride, as I had other plans, but I hear the second half was quite exiting. In Templeton, the ride stopped at the local gas station / market. I guess, it took over the entire parking lot. From that point on the ride was tailed by the CHP from the air. Then, the CHP had a back country road block, and stopped the entire ride. Typical flexing, (must have been a slow Saturday) and then a escort back to San Luis Obispo.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Photos from a friends garage...

Rad Triumph 71' hare-scrambler a friend has for sale. Runner...$3,500? or so....

The tank is so cool...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Greg's Valley Customs 1941 Lincoln....

Built for Tommy Jamieson at Valley Customs. Some old pics of the 41' Lincoln in it's heyday, and pics of it now.

Memories of Choppers past.............

Where have the days of the $200 basket gone? This was a 67' Bonniville that I had some years back. I never did anything with it. Jason Jessee took the duel headlight mount, other parts went other ways as did the bike. Could have been a neat build.... but there were alot of neat builds out there for $200 back then. The tank was the best, bondo swirl ridge w/ panty lace fade.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dragfest 2009 promo


Here is the link to the Dragfest video, Famoso Speed Shop cars w/ Lucky B Design Lettering throughout. I think this year will be great, they have a large field, with alot of classes.

Friday, March 20, 2009

ShoW, still a bit of a bummer....

Man Paso was the best! Usually at this time of the year everyone would be gearing up for the show. A real buzz, both with the local car guys, and with friends from far off places. Knowing that you had to get crackin' on the car so that it would be ready. People calling to see if there was "extra" room on the floor to crash ( we had many random fellas on the floor over the years). Today is the first day of spring, and the "feel" is in the air. Ranting about the political bs that made it impossible for the show to go on in Paso is overkill, although it still gets my blood pressure up. I guess we will drive down the coast to Santa Maria (shit hole) and support Penny and have a good time, see old friends, and get a snoot full. However, I know that the second day, the Sidewinders will be partying at Paso Robles!!! Only at my house. Sorry for the rant... but hey, this is after all my blog!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coco Palms Resort "Blue Hawaii"

This place was so cool, opened in 1953 as the first resort on Kaua'i. Closed in 1992 by a major hurricane.

I was trying to figure out how to break in to this place and look around. Then by luck, we met Larry who has the keys, and the next day gave us a tour.

Our host Larry Rivera, almost 80

years old, was a band member in the

Blue Hawaii movie. Friend to Elvis, Frank,

Dean and so on.

Just as the storm left it, blown out...

Ok, so the last half of Blue Hawaii was filmed here, it was the

place to be back in the day. Hollywood actors, singers all stayed

here. We saw the bungalow that Elvis came back and stayed in

quite a bit. It started to rain very heavy on the tour, so we had to stay under cover, as to not be hit by a falling coconut. There is a 2000 palm tree grove that covers the entire grounds, with a canal that winds through it. The rooms were off the tour, but Larry turned his back and that was my chance. I ran into a hallway (through the thickest spider webs I have ever seen) and took some shots of a room. Everything is still here, although people

are ripping it off bit-by-bit. The hopes are that someone will

bring this place back. But the buildings are waisted due to time and

the elements. The planning commission and builders can't seem to

get together on anything. Of coarse builders want to build condos.

The grounds also have Hawaiian graves from the royal family, so

it is sacred to the people of Hawaii.