Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fox Theatre...

Fox Theatre, Paso Robles. The theatre has been closed for many years now. The building and sign were starting to their age. So the city had the building owners repaint the facade. In it's way, the aged peeling paint covered sign, earned it's look. I thought it looked great, and so did many other people (Google search the Fox Theatre Paso Robles, and see all that comes up). Although I preferred the sign to be left alone, I can understand the city's stand, and the want to make the building more "wine friendly". But if you are going to repaint the sign/building, at least research the color history, and paint it accordingly. Better yet, get some money together and do a proper restoration on the sign and building face. The city should get behind this and kick in some money. Make this a showpiece right in the center of town. Anything would be better that a tan and white flat house paint, painted facade. Most towns would kill to have a classic theatre, Paso should quit looking past theirs.
This is actually the way that the theatre should be restored, back to the Hi Ho theatre, as it appeared in 1941.


  1. Well you know how I feel about that place. Its bull shit that they are just doing some genric bullshit to "cover it up" When they should restore it back it the way it was. I saw alot of movies there growing up. Gremlins, Goonies, Tron, Superman. It was a super neat theater with a balcony, red velvet walls it was by far the fanciest place I ever saw as a 5-8 year old

  2. If Paso Robles hadn't kicked the REAL car people out, they would have the cash to do it right... Although, I think that Lucky B guy might work for beer.

  3. I agree with you all! I have moved away from Paso for College and to Study Graphic Design...I was excited when I saw fresh paint on the sign...but disappointment in the lack of attention to detail OR information about what was happening with the theater...

    And yes...Kicking out the car show Killed this town for me...

    LuckyB, I'm glad I stumbled upon your site! Your work is excellent!

    -Jon Hansen

  4. who the heck is the owner! I want to meet him to discuss, about buuying it..