Friday, December 11, 2009

Rancho Ghosts...

Entrances to the Rancho Huer Huero, a Mexican land grant, given by the Governor Pio Pico on March 28, 1846. The entrance signs are all thats left of the Rancho, as the property has been split into hundreds of smaller ranches. I have no idea when these entrance signs were built, but I'm guessing from the hand hewn posts and the almost un-readable gold leaf lettering, that they must be very early 1900's if not older. The main signs (what's left of them) were crafted from one plank each, and the planks were at least 30 ft. long by 36 inches by 4 inches deep. Try to find a piece of wood like that today. Took these pictures on my way home today from Paso Robles. A great glimpse back in time to when California was Mexico.

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