Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve... Made it to Arizona.

Made it to Arizona, after 11 hours on the road. It's such a cool drive through the desert. Everywhere that you look is another picture that you "should" stop and take, but in the intrest of actually "getting there" you don't. It's New Years Eve morning, almost 2010... crazy! To guys like my buddy Matt @ Machine down under it's already 2010 (how is it?) Happy New Year. We are off to see the pawn shops and antique stores that Prescott Az. has to offer. Should be great!? I hope...


  1. Hit up Jerome as well-neat lil town. Skull Valley shop has cool T's and there's a whole street downtown 7th ave full of vintage shops. good luck and have fun!

  2. hey dave happy new year a little sore this morning....i was in arizona in 1980 with my family...we were driving around in an old nova with a broken boot one same as axle foleys....i loved it down there...we had a cousin in the air force and he used to keep snakes in his room.....crazy time for a kid of 10 years old...all the best for the year ahead mate...