Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tears in my beer, and a finger in the air....

Going to Santa Maria this weekend, for the KKOA show....

Just got back to the house from working in downtown Paso. The replacement for the car show this year in Paso, is a new "Art Show" weekend in the park. They also have a 1920's car show sharing the park. There will be bands, and art and chitty chitty bang bangs. Oh and the bicycle nerds that drove everyone crazy during Paso's past, they were allowed to come back and are also in town setting up.

As an artist, I'm all for art shows... But these people are the uptight, wine drinking, condescending, judgemental lot. The kind that poo poo anything that is not a landscape, or a vineyard painting. The car show was one of the best "Art Shows" that I had ever seen. Alot of busy work going on for this thing also, the city allowed the street to be painted with some god awful design for this weekend. And there are people running around hanging rainbow colored wind socks around the park.

I guess that I am turning into a bitter old man, perhaps I should leave well-enough alone. Smile as I'm driving south to the bumming host city for the West Coast Kustom Show, but it is so hard to do. It's so hard to know that we had it all here in Paso, for so many years. I run into so many people in different areas, that once they find out where I'm from, always ask; how do we get the car show back in Paso. Perhaps I' m just a bitter loser. The Yuppie assholes have won. Rant On!!!!!!!!!

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