Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another great showing by the shifterS

Marky brought his Purple people Eater to Famoso, set up an awning and messed with the car for the afternoon. He was going to make a run down the track. The time came, and he did a burnout and shut it down. At least the car made it onto the track. The Shifters who were there, packed up and left. But true to the Shifters past, in the morning (Sun) the awning (that had broken), the box the awning came out of and about 50 beer cans and other garbage littered the space. The trash can sat about 10 feet away empty.

I'm sure that the day after the races, it's someones job to pick-u all of the crap left behind. But come on, we are not 21 anymore. Lets take care of these events so that they can keep going on.

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