Saturday, May 23, 2009

KKOA Santa Maria car show weekend...

West Coast Kustoms, Crusin' Santa Maria 2009...

Mountain Pearl
restored to it's
showdays glory
with the plexiglass
firewall window...

Jeremy's roadster, newly finished

Great panel lace work on this El Camino

Nice 35'

Just got home from the show... Alot of great cars this year, with alot of historic examples. Had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones. Somehow, the day before my friend Clay bought Kirk Jones room off that HAMB message board, so we were golden. The Cruise, to my surprise was quite good, and went on for some time.
There is a healthy mix of Bombs, Kustoms, Hot Rods & Lowriders. Alot of bikes.
I had a very good time, but I will say that this show is lacking the soul
that Paso possessed. And having not attended the show last year, it was
a real bummer to have to pay to park, and then again, to get into the
fairgrounds. Once inside, it now feels like any other show, just the cars
are geared a bit more to my liking. Also everything in Santa Maria is
super spread out. You can't walk from Motel to Motel and check out
the different cars, as the strip is 10 miles or so long. And after we went
to bed all of a sudden we woke up to 10 cop cars and police outside our
window yelling to do CPR on that guy, and other cops yelling for another
guy to drop the knife! Great a stabbing, I hear about stabbings on the
local news in Santa Maria at least once a week, but that is a bit too close
for me. And there was a lack of friends coming down to this show (people
I look forward to seeing, and didn't).

Suburban with the overider that I need to find

Alot of bitchin F100's at this show

Barris Re-Do...


  1. I thought the show was great. It wasn't Paso by far, but I enjoyed it. I missed the warm weather and especially the warmer nights. I got to see some of my old friends. I don't care much about the scene because it will come and go over the years, I just enjoyed a great day full of Kustoms and Hot Rods. The music was good too. I am going to get my 31 Chrysler on the road for the next one. Great to see you Dave and I will get at you about the B-Day Party.

    Mark G.
    The Hydramatics

  2. Your right, and the Music was great!