Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The moment that you step away from your usual daily reality, you will often find that there is a parallel reality that is easily taken on. This last week, I took off, for a long overdue road trip. My parents ranch is about 9 hours north of us, on the border with Oregon. I had a C-Zone deer tag, and the season was quickly getting away from me. It has been to hot up north for any decent hunting, so I have been "on call" pending cooler weather. Well late last week the call came, and I quickly finished up the jobs that I had going, and hit the road. On the way, I hit the Royal Jokers Oakland show, and then the long haul north. As I drove the beauty of the mountains, increased with every mile. Once in Siskiyou County everything became very clear, crisp and clean. Fall is in the air and the colors are quickly changing. The next three days were full of hunting and fishing, with some "ranch rooting" thrown in for good measure. My tag was filled on the first morning, with a decent buck, the next morning early we hit the Klamath River for some Salmon fishing. We caught 14 or so (threw many back) and had a great day. Filled the truck bed with oak firewood that we split, for the BBQ. Made the trip home yesterday, back to real life, interesting the transition. The freezer is full of the best "organic" meat anywhere, and I am rejuvenated. Somehow, I only got a couple of pictures that were any good...


  1. Victoria wants to know if you punched the salmon into submission? Glad you had a great time, there is a package in the mail for you.

  2. just cant beat it ..getting out into the mountains....nice mate.