Friday, March 26, 2010

The Kilt...

Here's what I have been working on this past week. The Kilt (formerly The Crooked Kilt) is opening another Irish Pub in San Luis Obispo. This is their logo, that I cut, painted and stacked together. There is so much involved in this logo. Design over design over design, so many steps before I could even letter the name. Every part of this sign made me insane, I thought it would never be finished, and then it was just done. Funny how that happens. This logo is nearly 10 feet wide and tall, I had to stand on the roof of my truck to take this photo, and I still couldn't get it all in. Next week, I get to figure out how to hang this sign 15 feet up on a wall??? The month of April is totally devoted to this Pub, there are so many murals, tables, mirrors and a little bit of everything else, to be lettered. I hope I can get it all in.

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