Monday, May 31, 2010

Who knew...

Ok, for some years now, I have heard rumors of an old chopped 34' Pierson Bros. built race car. I have even been to the house a year or so ago to buy some parts. At the time the owners (who had just passed away) son said that they did have said car, but it was stored and not available to see. Today I thought that I would just drop by and see if perhaps there were any cool parts that I had missed. I knocked on the door and asked if I could look around and today was allowed into the shop area. Now the shop was very cool, except for the weirdo cranksters that were living in one end. As the door opened, the first thing that I laid my eyes on was this old chopped 34' racer. The son then told me the story about how the Pierson Brothers had built 5 like cars during the time that they built their famous car. This car had been drag raced under the name "Jitterbug" for many years until retired and parked. I took some pictures of pictures of the purchase day back in the 70's sometime. The real bummer is that the current owners "opened up" the front and rear windows, to make the car street legal. The car is at risk of being further destroyed by the tweeker son of the passed owner, as he wants to switch out the orig. rear end for a Ford 9" and run way wider tires in the rear. The car is at this time not for sale, and I'm told will never be. Sorry for the blurry I-Phone pics, but it's hard to get decent quick pictures with a bunch of nervous Tweekers around. This is one car that desperately needs saving...


  1. wow..damn pity! maybe offer some crack in exchange for it.. addicts will do almost anything for a quick buck! ;oP

  2. yeh i see what you mean mate,....thats one mad car