Monday, May 10, 2010

Cafe Roma...

Cafe Roma in San Luis Obispo turned thirty today. To celebrate, they offered the menu (and prices) from 1980. The food was killer, you were allowed one item from each part of the menu per person, so one appetizer, one entry, one desert and so on. Check out the prices, I had a perfect steak with all of the fixin's for under $6. Sucky I-Phone pics, but you get the drift. Four of us ate everything we could ever want for under $50. I was very happy...


  1. yummmmy. I love when they use the old menu's at places. Everything is better when it's old.. well, I guess not EVERYTHING..

  2. hey dave..get 1980...i was in San Luis Obispo....dec 1980....i was ten. how dad , mum me and my sister were driving to phoenix to see my cousin who had snakes and was in the air force..i want to come back...seemslike more than a lifetime ago....

  3. Matt you should have come back for this, I'd have bought you a steak. You are way overdue for a US trip, but then again, I have never been to your country, so I guess that I'm more overdue.