Friday, May 21, 2010

The "Ol' Boy" roars back to life...

After a few months of down time, due to some sucked valves, the old work truck is back and healthier than ever before. The motor has been totally gone through and re-assembled by the Menges Twin's Speed Shop. It was a long trip to get to this point... After buying a "good running" 292 from a "fellow car guy" (who has been building motors for 40 years, he said) and swapping it into my truck, it fired right up, only to reveal a spun main bering and bent push rods. The twin's then pulled the "new motor" back out, and swapped the newer heads and valve train onto my good "old" lower end. The result is a strong running 292 Y-Block, and my work horse is back on the road, right where it belongs... Sorry Matt, I guess I beat you.

1 comment:

  1. i knew you would mate...that invicta could have sold that to me......such a lovely shape..