Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dragfest 2010...

Dragfest yesterday. Went over to Bakersfield Saturday to the Dragfest. The third year for this event, and perhaps a bit smaller than last year (when it rained heavy). This event has a huge potential for greatness, I'm just not sure why it keeps coming up short. I guess that last week there was some Internet talk about the show being cancelled due to rain, only to be reversed when the forecast came back as clear. The weather yesterday was perfect for racing. No wind, not a cloud in the sky, 75ish, perfect. Although smaller, it was a good day, there were some funny cars and altereds running, even with a NHRA draw (conflict) back east somewhere. I hope this show can get a better following, because it could be great. We will see next year.


  1. wow what a beautiful bsa. It's Great.

  2. Yes the Lightning was a very nice bike, and they were racing it. Cool to see.