Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Twain censored...

Awesome, now we can all sleep better! New versions of "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" & "The adventures of Tom Sawyer" have been published replacing the word "Nigger" (used 223 times) with the word "Slave". Also changed are the words "Injun" (changed to Indian) and "Half Breed" (changed to Half Blood). The idea behind the changes are to get the books back into the classroom, as many teachers refuse to allow the books in class, because they believe the books to be racist. I'm not sure how we teach our kid's about the past, if we re-write it. Everything is so "correct" these days, but that doesn't mean it was back then. History was ugly, and the fact that these words are ugly today, only shows how far we have come. Let the books remain intact, and let the youth come to their own conclusion. Protecting our youth with blinders, only makes them into dummies.


  1. i read this in the news the other day also & am wondering if political correctness has any limits??

  2. Did not know this was happening. I guess great writing and political correctness cannot exist together.