Wednesday, January 5, 2011


You just never know... I have a friend that I have known now for about six years. He has a couple of 2000 something Harley's that he rides. His style of bikes and mine are very different, and he is not into "old" anything. Today I stopped by his shop, and at one point I mentioned, that I would like to get another Generator Shovelhead. We talked a bit about some old bikes that we know about, and then my friend said, "have you seen my old bike"? Old bike? What old bike I asked. He took me to the back of his shop, and went into a dark storage room. With a flashlight in hand, he pulled a tarp off of a 1915 Harley. Did I mention that I have known this guy for years? Apparently his Grandfather horse traded for this bike way back, and until five years ago, it had lived in the family's barn. My buddy likes the bike because it was his Grandfathers, and for that reason, it will never be for sale. I asked him if he rides it, and he said that although it runs well, he never takes it out of the storage room. I am blown away by this bike, and by never knowing that my friend had it. It just goes to show, you just never know.

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