Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"The Preacher's Car"

Font size The Larry Ernst 1951 Chevy Kustom built by Barris. In the long list of Barris Kustoms, this car to me, has always stuck out. And at that, the second version is the one that I love. Having seen this car in the "Little Pages" in my younger days (in black and white), I always liked the lines, but until I saw the "clone" in person, I hadn't realized how over the top the car was. What grabs me about this car is the colors used, they don't match. In fact, they don't match so much, that they look great together. Copper, gold and mint green, these colors should not work together. I love the idea of putting colors together, that should not work. Some of my best work, has come from pushing this concept. I have had customers that were appalled at the mention of using some colors together, and after, were blown away at the result. I'm sure that many of these old kustoms were much brighter than we know, from the old pictures we have seen. But to me, this car is always up top of "My List". These pics from Rik Hoving's site...

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  1. How's it going Dave,

    Great post on The Preachers Car. I like both cars but I still like first version better. The paint on the second one is nice but I still don't car for the color combo very much. I can tell you like it just by looking at the colors on your post. Have you noticed? You have told in the past how much you like that car.

    I see you gave Rik Hoving his photo credits. On the HAMB they said they liked my site but I need to give more photo credits. I do when people actually take the photos they send me. It is kind of hard when a lot of people send me photos taken from various websites.

    I have great respect for Rik and all the work and knowledge of Kustoms that he has archived for the future of Kustoms. Without people like him and sites like ours the youth may not continue the way that we have Dave. I believe Rik is the best at what he does.

    I will continue to build Kustoms and keep my site going strong and with only seven years till retirement, Stylish Kustoms will soon be producing Traditional Kustoms for sale.

    Take care,