Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ranch Rootin'

Not the best haul, but still a fun morning... Ok, so I guess the Harley bicycle was the best of the haul. This morning I made the trip out to the forgotten ranch. The farm house was your typical 1920's 5 room shack. Everything inside was still there, but waisted. The plaster roof had long ago fallen in and everything was wet. 1930's thru 60's furniture, magazines, records, light fixtures all there but destroyed. Closets, with clothes still hanging, cowboy hats, one inlaid Acme cowboy boot (I'm sure the other one was somewhere, but way too wasted to even bother with) everything moldy, and worthless.

I did however have better luck in the tack room and barn. These buildings were dry, and closed up from the animals / kids. Here is a bit of my haul. I also got a ton of hand tools, shovels, pitchfork etc.

Awards from early California rodeo's.

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  1. *sigh* damn that MOLD and rotted roof! The purple expo signs are pretty cool and the lil things you found as well! No pics of the HOUSE!