Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Pickers...BS

I saw this show the other night, and man did it piss me off. These guys are the token American Chopper loudmouth kooks, that every show now has to have. Not to mention, they are going around on a "staged" treasure hunt that is just to good to be true. The problem is, that now everyone that watches the show, and has a pile of goodies behind the barn, is going to think that they have a goldmine (whether they do or not). I guess the only saving grace is, that rural ranchers don't usually have extended cable. Don't get me wrong, I'm not into ripping people off, to make a profit. But there is nothing more fun than spending a day rooting through someone else's pile and coming out with some goodies.

I guess it's like when the Choppers C.C. had that special on TV, and one of them (I don't remember who? Kieth, Vern?) said that they wait for the old men to restore their cars, and when they swap the motors out for new one's, the Choppers grab them up for nothing. Just after that, every ol' timer that came into my buddies hot rod shop, wanted a bunch of money for their old motors... Because as they said, "the young kids are putting them into their hot rods". So much for the $100 Nailheads, and Flatheads.


  1. It's like when your fav secret thriftstore has become the WORLDS favorite thriftstore. then everytiime I go after, I find next to nothing. this does blow-stupid TV! I guess antique roadshow is another one to blame.

  2. A few years ago Sunset magazine did a piece on vintage bicycles. It showed like two high end collectable bikes (Schwinn Black Phantom, and a Shelby Air-Flow). After that, it seamed like every antique store that I went into with an old bicycle inside, had this article hanging off of it, right next to the $1,500 price tag. It didn't matter that it was a 24" 1960's JC Higgins girls middle-wieght.

  3. oh shit. HA. I always think it's funny when you go to an Estate Sale and they have this shitty old bike and they think it's worth $300. I'd love to dig thru an old barn and find stuff on my own. I found this website the Weburbanist and they have a list of so many old places (tho I am sure they've all been cleared out by now)