Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My worst nightmare....

My worst nightmare realized, it started two days ago with a phone call. My wife's cousin's husband said, "man I just came from a place that would freak you out". He was asked by his Aunt to go out to his Grandparent's rural ranch and see about cleaning it up. His grandparent's have passed away long ago, and the ranch has sat un-touched for 40+ years. Well, he said that he would call me when he goes back out, and I could go along. Today he called, I was working in an area with no cell service. Anyhow three hours later I got the message, called him, only to find out that he was heading back home. The first thing that he asked me was, "is a Harley Davidson bicycle worth anything"? My pause, let it be known, yes I said, I think it could be.

Now these guys are Cowboy's, and for the most part, Cowboy's aren't collectors, they may fancy themselves as such, but more often than not, they will dig a big hole and bury something old rather than keep it. What kills me is, my wife's cousin told me, that he wouldn't even have looked at the bike, but he saw that AMERICAN PICKERS TV show last week, and there was one like it, and that it should be worth some good money. Did I not rant about this just last week!? (check below, on this page).

The good news is, that I have the green light to go out there tomorrow, and look around. And I was told to take whatever I want to. So I hope there is still some good stuff. I'm guessing, that they stepped over alot of good stuff.

Here are the bike pics. It's a different H-D bicycle than I have ever seen. It's a girls late 40's heavy weight 26" bike. All of the H-D bikes that I have seen are boy's style thin tire models, with the H-D chain ring. So I am stumped, if you know anything about this model bike, please let me know.....


  1. I think it's for real, Some motocycle museum will know if it's Harley built, The plate looks oem. Maybe there is some stamp on the seat?, if it is for real your a very lucky guy.

  2. Thats what happens when they let everyone in on secrets.There was a time when you could find great deals on clothes, bikes, hell even cars. Now everyone thinks they have a goldmine in their attic

  3. woah... i can't wait to see what you pick up on your turn over there. I'll take any vintage clothes! ;oP