Friday, March 20, 2009

ShoW, still a bit of a bummer....

Man Paso was the best! Usually at this time of the year everyone would be gearing up for the show. A real buzz, both with the local car guys, and with friends from far off places. Knowing that you had to get crackin' on the car so that it would be ready. People calling to see if there was "extra" room on the floor to crash ( we had many random fellas on the floor over the years). Today is the first day of spring, and the "feel" is in the air. Ranting about the political bs that made it impossible for the show to go on in Paso is overkill, although it still gets my blood pressure up. I guess we will drive down the coast to Santa Maria (shit hole) and support Penny and have a good time, see old friends, and get a snoot full. However, I know that the second day, the Sidewinders will be partying at Paso Robles!!! Only at my house. Sorry for the rant... but hey, this is after all my blog!

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  1. Rant is deserved.I had been going to Paso for more years than I can remember and it does suck that the show is no longer there.Unfortunately the dumb people in charge became paranoid when the crowd started to get younger and darker (non white)and made the locals nervous. Made up stories of gangs and shootings that they think only happened during the weekend of the show. Enjoy Santa Maria, enjoy the show, you and others may think its a shit hole but they did welcome the show and everyone who participates.