Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rides oF marcH

Rides of March 2009, Push Start Scooters March run. 106 mile loop through the lush Central Coast country-side. Perfect weather this year, 75 or so, no fog along the coast. 150 to 200 scooters (no head count to be sure) People from many different states, countries. So super bitchin' bikes. A great Saturday for sure. I only got to go on the first half of the ride, as I had other plans, but I hear the second half was quite exiting. In Templeton, the ride stopped at the local gas station / market. I guess, it took over the entire parking lot. From that point on the ride was tailed by the CHP from the air. Then, the CHP had a back country road block, and stopped the entire ride. Typical flexing, (must have been a slow Saturday) and then a escort back to San Luis Obispo.

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