Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coco Palms Resort "Blue Hawaii"

This place was so cool, opened in 1953 as the first resort on Kaua'i. Closed in 1992 by a major hurricane.

I was trying to figure out how to break in to this place and look around. Then by luck, we met Larry who has the keys, and the next day gave us a tour.

Our host Larry Rivera, almost 80

years old, was a band member in the

Blue Hawaii movie. Friend to Elvis, Frank,

Dean and so on.

Just as the storm left it, blown out...

Ok, so the last half of Blue Hawaii was filmed here, it was the

place to be back in the day. Hollywood actors, singers all stayed

here. We saw the bungalow that Elvis came back and stayed in

quite a bit. It started to rain very heavy on the tour, so we had to stay under cover, as to not be hit by a falling coconut. There is a 2000 palm tree grove that covers the entire grounds, with a canal that winds through it. The rooms were off the tour, but Larry turned his back and that was my chance. I ran into a hallway (through the thickest spider webs I have ever seen) and took some shots of a room. Everything is still here, although people

are ripping it off bit-by-bit. The hopes are that someone will

bring this place back. But the buildings are waisted due to time and

the elements. The planning commission and builders can't seem to

get together on anything. Of coarse builders want to build condos.

The grounds also have Hawaiian graves from the royal family, so

it is sacred to the people of Hawaii.

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