Thursday, December 29, 2011

Monkey David Wine...

Christmas gifts, there were many great ones both given and received this year. It has been an overall great holiday! There is however one gift that touched me. My 16 year old daughter, gave me the David Allen Coe "Penitentiary Blues" album. I have had parts of this album on my I-Pod for years, but had not found the complete album. Man, I have a rad daughter! Oh and the album is sooo good!!!

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  1. WOW - that is awesome. ive got almost every DAC album except that one. i'm gonna have to save a few paychecks to get it. ha! also, ive got a 10 minute video promo from '69 when he was on SUN records that shows him walking around some train tracks and stuff, but also it shows him recording one of the tracks in the studio from this album. and youre right the album is great.