Sunday, December 4, 2011

John Stewart Shows How Ron Paul Is Feared...

This has been going on the entire time. As of this morning, Paul was in second place, and Meet the Press didn't even mention him by name. The media is picking the candidates, and it is driving me crazy. Ron Paul is by far the smartest guy standing, and he does not have a chance in the media...


  1. i watched the video - its funny but so sad at the same time. it really is bizarre what the media is doing to him. its like they all got the same memo.

  2. Funny you posted this; I remember watching this back in August and our conversation about him. He is still in fourth in a league of up and downers. This election is going to be real interesting as the third party (Tea this time) is going to cut popular and electoral vote out of the GOP. If they don't get their act together nothing will change. Check the extended interview a month later: