Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A proper men's store...

So we spent the last few days in downtown San Jose California for my Daughter's volleyball finals. Believe me, this wouldn't be my first choice of places to vacation, but I must say that it was not to bad. This is quite the continental city, with many deco style buildings, and something like 160 different restaurants within walking distance of the motel. One of the stores that I stumbled across was Hammer & Lewis. This store looked very promising, and very out of place almost in SJ (it seems like a store better suited for Chicago or Memphis). I went by two times, and both times they were closed, even though the hours stated that they should be open. I was told that the lady is always late, so being pressed for time, I never did make it inside. I would have really enjoyed looking through this store, as it was a mix of new and vintage clothing as well as a Pendleton dealer... Perhaps if I'm ever back in San Jose, I will get a chance.

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