Monday, March 1, 2010

Two of Paso's finest!!!

Wow, today on my way through town, two of the area's token ole' boy trucks were parked about two blocks from each other. Now this area, as with most small towns, has it's share of neat old work trucks. But as the years go by, the trucks become fewer and fewer. These trucks are both GMC models (most people prefer the Chevy) but they both rule. The Rocket Speed Shop truck, is owned by a guy that moved to Paso a few years ago from Idaho (he owned the speed shop there, and is a Bonneville racer). This truck is no joke, it has a punched out 302 six, with 5 two barrels, and crazy 2" boat exhaust manifolds. A very fast truck! The black 50' is my favorite. If this truck was for sale, I would own it! But the owner says it will never be for sale. This truck is totally stock with the 216 six and three on the tree. You can't beat the patina on this truck. Both trucks run daily around Paso Robles, and drive me crazy, each time I see them...

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  1. By the way, a comment on the black one; he has another GMC at home for parts... Oh, and if you get the chance ask him about his Indian.