Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long long trailer...

Long Long vintage trailer for sale (cheap) on the side of the road in Templeton. There is a hand written note taped on to the back that says, "please don't tow, I am trying to find someone to move it for me." Killer trailer, needs some work (replace the dented panels, strip the house paint, that even covers the marker lights). The inside is very clean and insanely big. If I had a place to put this beast, I would. If I was single, I would rent a space, and move in. Bitchin'!


  1. damn... i wish i had a space for it!! i want to live in one..

  2. That is about a 1954 Pan American Trailer (Same company as the Airline!) They were very exoensive trailers at the time, had very cool indirect lighting all around the ceiling in the livingroom!