Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To van or not to van...

Ok, so I have been offered this van in trade for some mural work at a local restaurant. It's a 69' Dodge A-100 Custom Sportsman. I dig it, but I'm afraid of some rust issues along the bottom edge. Also, I don't know anything about Dodge's, like are there part's available, etc. It would be a killer work / bike-haler / camping van. We will see??? If you know anything about these vans, let me know.


  1. I remember this van from the 80's. Still looks the same as it did then.as long as the mural isnt ginormous take it, would make a great hauler

  2. Ethan says it's sweet and you should get it.

  3. i don't know shit about them other than the fact that they are very extra great looking. I'd get it.