Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy day for Mr. Owl...

We have all sorts of wildlife on the ranch, from an eagle pair to hawk's to coyote, it goes on and on. Among all of these animals, we have this owl, that hangs out around the house. The funny thing about an owl is, they are very quiet. Most of the day he can be in the tree above your head, or on a barn rafter, and you don't know he's there. But at night it's a different story. An owl can scare the crap out of you. Walking through the yard in the dark, and he will let out a scream, man it's enough to make your heart stop! Well this last week, we noticed that the owl was sitting on the side of our driveway. I got out and took a look at him, he didn't move, and he looked super bummed. I made some calls to Fish and Game and other wildlife rescue shelters, and they all told me to let him alone, and let nature take it's course. Now I'm Ok with that, but to give him a fighting chance, I nudged him off of the road and into the weeds. He sat there for two solid days, not moving, but turning his head all the way around to look at us each time. Until the third day, no owl, he was gone. I thought for sure that the coyote's had a feast, but there were no feathers? That night we got home at about 10, as we drove down the driveway we could see something flying along the pass. side of the truck. I slowed down to see the owl land in the tree just in front of us. He just sat there and looked at us. Trippy! I'm sure that some would think that there is a spiritual interaction that occurred here, and perhaps there was, I'm not sure. But we were just happy to see that Mr. Owl was Ok...


  1. wow! i've never heard an owl screech.. just hoot. we have them by our house. I can mainly hear those crazy coyotes in the middle of the night. I was going to say if it died can you send me it's skeleton. Does that sound gross? I guess so. P.S. great job on the lettering on your newest post.

  2. Yes it hoots, but it also makes this crazy screech. I tell my daughter that it's a Chupacabra, and she gets super freaked out...

  3. Sometimes an Owl can be a little duff on digesting a meal, just like us.