Sunday, April 20, 2014

Syndicate Barber Shop Long Beach

Syndicate Barber Shop complete re-do, all hand lettered. Windows, door, large area above window on wall, barber pole stripes, etc.. Took the better part of the week working long days to get this far. There is still more to do, and I will be back down in the coming weeks to finish.


  1. I'm that guy that met you last week who is Attending L.A.Trade Tech Sign Graphics...It turned out GREAT!...I'm gonna get down there to see it in person real soon...Tim's got good taste, as evidenced by his knowledge and hiring of you....Thanks for the inspiration!...It was great to drive down the street and see a dude painting a REAL SIGN.

  2. Hey John, great to get to talk to you that day. Thanks for the kind words! I will be getting back down there very soon to finish up the job.