Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wilson's Family Restaurant, Paso Robles, Ca. Since 1948

 Wilson's Restaurant in Paso Robles since 1948 is closing this weekend after 65 years. If you have been raised in this area, you will know it, but if you are from out of the area, and into vintage kustom cars, you will know it from the days of the west coast kustoms show. We spent many a hour in here over the years (in the days before I moved here) during the car show, both drinking and eating. Sad to see it go, another chunk of the old soul of Paso lost. Memories!
  This morning, we went in to have one last meal, and I opted to have the Cowboy Omelet, my old "car show" stand-by from years past (even though I rarely eat like this anymore)...


  1. I can't believe it. My first dates with V. were there. In fact, my mother when she was showing dairy cattle at Mid-State would eat there with her dad. I always thought if we could get the show back in town that we could do a party and bike show on their grounds. I guess no longer.

  2. paso must be lookin alot different these days!!