Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unraveling from the top...

Today it was announced on the local news, that the police chief of Paso Robles, will be taking a leave of absence. There have been rumours of sexual misconduct for years, along with questions as to how this lady raced straight to the top of the police department. It has also been long felt that the City Manager Jim App has aligned the city officials under him to push "his agenda". Remember, these are the people that grossly falsified the "facts" (lied) in order to push out the West Coast Kustoms car show. Perhaps the snare will widen as the investigation continues. We will have to wait and see, but as we have learned all to well in the past, at that level, the rules don't always apply...

The Paso Robles police chief is taking a leave of absence, the city manager tells us.
City Manager Jim App says Chief Lisa Solomon sent out an email late last week saying she would be taking leave effective Monday, March 12. She indicated she would return to the police department on March 22.
In Chief Solomon's absence, Captain Robert Burton has been assigned to takeover her roll, according to App.
App says he can't speak to the reasons Chief Solomon is taking a leave of absence. But in late January, an article published by Cal Coast News described sexual misconduct allegations against the chief. In early February, an officer with Paso Robles Police Department filed a lawsuit against the city, saying he was subject to illegal ticket quotas. Most recently, questions about the public's safety have surfaced, as the city is forced to operate with 14 fewer officers than it did in 2007.

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