Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ringgy and Melotic...

The band that made one of the biggest marks on my young life, although there were many others, The Smiths were huge. The biggest reason for me, was the rhythm guitar of Johnny Marr! As a young kid, I knew that his playing was something special, I would isolate the guitar, as I listened to the songs. After the band broke up, I didn't really care too much for the Morrissey solo stuff, and continued to play my Smith's records. The funny thing is that now, Johnny Marr plays with bands that my daughter likes, like Modest Mouse and the Cribs, where his guitar style is still easily heard. On my drive home last night from LA, I listened to the Smiths for the entire drive on the i-pod, and thanks to my friend Roger downloading 88 additional Smiths songs to my i-pod recently, I relived my youth. Songs that I have on record, but haven't put the needle on for many years. The music that the Smiths made in the 1980's still holds up, and very strong. It was a great drive home...


  1. Now, have you listend to Mariachi El Bronx?

  2. I always loved the Smiths but Morrissey lost me solo. There was a punkness to the Smiths that he seemed to loose when they broke up. After the Smiths Johnny Marr played with The The and I felt just as disappointed.(although Modest Mouse has some great music) The cool thing about the Smiths was that underneath the polished, nerd, English dandy music and persona they were pissed. That's why Hatful of hollow can be played right next to Out of step.

  3. it was nice to hear Marr's thoughts on the video. It led me to a bunch more of them. thanks for sharing.