Friday, November 5, 2010

Tri-Five Kustom...

Clay sent me this picture. We have been talking lately about the over abundance of cookie cutter tri-five Chevy's at every car show. Clay and I went to look at a 57' 150 a few months back, the price was right, but Clay couldn't get past the stigma associated with the car. We talked about different ways, that if he did get the car, he could build it. These are cool cars, it just sucks that everybody has one, and that they are all built the same (the "new" Paso show on Labor Day, must of had 50 tri-fives, all in rows, all looking the same except for color). This car, along with many other Kustom tri-fives proves that these cars can be interesting.
This is Mark Garza's (Stylish Kustoms blog) 57' Handyman wagon, very clean mild kustom, and miles away from every other tri-five at the shows.

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  1. Hello Dave,

    Thank's for posting the Tri Five Kustom...

    You are right on with this one, that's why I tried to make my 57 different from the rest. It still has a ways to go. Check out Stylish Kustoms Header for a photo of one of my favorite Chevy's. Call me sometime Dave. We are playing in Creston at the Loading Chute on Dec 5 at the Toy Run.

    The Hydramatics