Thursday, October 7, 2010

The New Shop...

So here it is, the new shop space. Last month, while attending the small San Miguel car show, we took notice of this cool old shop 1/2 a block off of the main drag, with a faded for rent sign in the window. The town is a trip, sort of the old west border town. There is a feeling of lawlessness, and that is both good and bad. Good in the fact that no one is looking over your shoulder, bad in that, due to a number of white trash cranksters, you are constantly looking over your own.
The building is very cool with a great history. Built in the early 1940's as a laundry for the near by Camp Roberts Army base. There were stations set up inside, and worked by several women (full service). After WWII, the building became an auto garage up until recent years, when it became a real estate office for a brief time.
My buddy Mike and I are working to put this place together, and it is coming along quite well. Mike just bought a wood burning stove, and I am working on a main sign for the front. We should be set up and running soon. Stay tuned...

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  1. that is the coolest shop ever! your kids are lucky to have such a kick ass dad!