Thursday, September 2, 2010

Classic Car Show returns to Paso Robles

I call BS on this one!!!! Paso Robles City Hall is spinning so many blatant lies to cover their own butts, that it's not even funny. To anyone who ever attended the West Coast Kustoms show, watch this video. I'm guessing that it will also piss you off. For over 20 years "Paso" ruled! Everyone came to town, spent alot of money and had a great time. There were never any problems. The problems started to happen, when the city brought in cops from every other central coast city. It was NEVER with the car guys, it was always with the locals. So the powers that be, have given the green light for this Labor Day Weekend show, to try and rebate for shooting themselves, and all of the downtown business owners in the foot. The truly funny (or sad) thing, is that the TV commercials promoting this weekends show, feature clips from the banished KKoA show. Again, the problem with the Kustom show wasn't violence or rival groups of people, or even drinking, it was the "Old Guard" (Dick App, city planner) and the generation gap, that THEY couldn't understand... Now we are stuck with the same old car show that every other town puts on. Where every car looks the same. The feature car, is some super over-done abortion of a 32' Ford that Chip Foose built. There is not a year deadline, and the poster said that only finished cars are aloud. Sounds like it's going to be very bad indeed.

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