Sunday, August 8, 2010

A good days haul...

Had a great day today at the auction. Got some real goodies. I went to buy this super nice porcelain gas station bathroom sign, and after looking around a bit, found a bunch more to buy. My friend Mike and I noticed some cool old car parts in Bell Auto Parts bags, then Mike introduced himself to the man who had the parts there on consignment. His last name was Parks, and Mike joked, like Wally Parks, and the guy said that was his Uncle, and the parts were Wally's and his brother Ken's. So we went back and took a closer look. Inside of some old wood dressers were a treasure trove of old NOS speed equipment! Everything that we bid on went for very good, low prices. We did quite well. Mike even bought a 1968 working jukebox for $11. All in all it made for a very fun and enjoyable day... Heres but a few of the pics.


  1. oh GOD i'm SO jealous.. a jukebox for $11~!!!!!! UGH!

  2. Right day right time... there were two jukeboxes, the first one to sell was the one that Mike bought, and it went for $11. The second was in poor shape with broken glass and only four 45's, and the wiring had been ripped out. Everyone took notice at that point, and bid the junk jukebox up to $75. You never know...

  3. It's Great to Score Someone elses Awesome (Junk)......Treasures are to be found!...Cool Sign Mr. Bond....Kool Hand Luke