Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A & H Custom

Stopped by my good friend's, and fellow Sidewinder's C.C. members Danny and Darin's shop A & H Customs in Livermore. I had not seen their new shop yet, and it is vast, and very nice. The cars they were working on were great, the collections were great. I had to letter a 50' Chevrolet tailgate for them. Here are a few pics. The 30' Ford Roadster truck is Danny's, the 60's front engine dragster is Darin's, and will soon sport an injected Hemi. The club plaque's and collections belong to both of them. Quite impressive indeed...


  1. Some cool stuff, and a fake "Lonely Kings" car coat...

  2. Real deal Carlos. The jacket and plaque are Ed Duclair's from when he was in the club sometime in the 90's. Both Ed and Royce Bates (now Sidewinders) were in the Lonesome Saints, we used to give them sooo much shit, but now it's cool to have the jacket. On a side note, Royce took all of the stitching out of his jacket, to try to have a plain "car coat" and he now regrets it.