Friday, November 6, 2009

SLO Bike Happening.....

Went out last night to the SLO Bike Happening, I had been invited by a friend after he saw my 1937 Hawthorn Zep in my shop. Being my first time, I had no idea what to expect. We rode down to the San luis Obispo Mission at 9 PM, by 9:15 the number of bicycles had grown to way over 500. It was very cool. We took off with the group, riding down the street. At the second corner, we waited for the light, the entire city block was full of bikes. The light turned green and everyone started to move. As we went through the intersection, the light turned yellow. There was a group of Cops that entered the street with flashlights, pulling certain people out of the ride. They came at me, but I went around. They did however nab my buddy. He received a reportedly $390 moving violation ticket. We were told that this is not a city sanctioned event, and that it was quite dangerous, and that there have been many problems in the past. Just after I took this crappy picture with my I phone the cop turned to me and said that he should also write me, as I had also ran the light (did I mention that the light was yellow)? Yet another good time wrecked by dick cops. Well times are tough, I guess the city's also need the revenue.... After handing my buddy the ticket, the one cop said, "wow those are really cool bikes".... yeh glad you like them!

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