Monday, October 5, 2009

Lifted from the Pushin' blog....
I saw this last night, it pissed me off so bad that I had to lift it from the Pushin' blog.
I am a grown man, with very little time to skateboard anymore, however, in my not so distant past, it filled my days and thoughts. During that time, more often than not, while skating ether a curb or parking block, or the local ditches, the police would show up, and threaten us. The threats were always that they would impound our boards, or ticket us for trespassing. Usually followed up with " if I see you again, there will be hell to pay"! Our thoughts then, as now were... DON'T YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO? like perhaps addressing real crime?
My father was in law enforcement, a captain with the California Fish and Game, he was, and is still, a straight shooter, what's right is right with him. He drove his patrol car around with a skateboarding is not a crime sticker on the bumper. He would always back me if push came to shove, and I was in the right. After seeing this video on the Keep On Pushin' blog last night, all of the feelings, that I had in those days, came rushing back. This Cop, as so many others, is an Ass! I'm sure, as a younger guy, he was picked on. Now he has the power, all the way down to the haircut. He is going to push it always, when the guys that he addresses are smaller than him and at a dis-advantage without a badge. I applaud Zach for using his right as an American, and letting the Officer know what he thinks. Although it may not be the smart thing to do, it is the right thing to do. He works for us, we pay his wages.

I will contact the City of S.F. and let them know what I think about this Officers actions, as I think everyone should. Perhaps nothing will come of it, but he will be watched closer.
As a college age kid, I also had a situation with a Police Officer, where he was pushing my buddies and I around, for nothing more than riding our vintage cruiser bicycles around without reflectors after dark. I told him that "I thought he had nothing better to do, and that he should go watch for drunks, leaving the bar up the road". He was pissed, in my face, and trying to get me to hit him. This went on for some time, and with nothing to pinch us on, he let us go. The next day, we went down to the Police station, and all filed a report against the Officer. He was demoted and put on the overnight crap shift (apparently it was not his first complaints). We have some power, and we should use it.

SFPD complant email:Email: occ.311@sfgov.orgOCC complaint procedures

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