Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ken's new 58' Tiger Cub...

My buddy Ken saw this little Triumph on Craigslist, made a call, left a message, and didn't hear a thing for several days. When he did get a call back, an older lady told him that the Tiger Cub had been her fathers and that he had passed away many years ago. This bike was his pride and joy since he bought it in 1958. She than told him that many people called her on the add. She didn't know how to handle the large number of calls, so she thought it would be a good idea, to get everyone who was interested in the bike to her house at the same time to look it over. She than interviewed my friend over the phone in depth, to see if he was qualified. My buddy was bummed and thought for sure the bike was out of his reach. Well last Saturday was the day, Ken almost didn't go, all of the signs pointed to this sucking. Ken went, only Ken showed (I guess the lady scared everyone else away) she liked Ken, and he got the bike. The lady said that both her and her late father were very happy that it went to Ken. You never know???

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