Saturday, July 11, 2009

Full Service...

Remember the full service option at gas stations? Where the attendant would come out, ask "fill er' up"?, wash the windows, kick the tires and check the oil? In California for the most part, this has gone the way of the drive in movies. However, on a roadtrip, in a small offbeat town, there is sometimes a guy, the guy who has been at the same station since his Daddy opened it 60 years ago. There is not even a Self-Serve option. 85 years old, and still taking the time to make sure that everything is right when you pull out onto the high-way. The cash price and the credit price are the same. Honest service for a good price. No mini market, just a 1970's Coke bottle machine, and a condom machine in the restroom. Somehow stepping back in time makes everything right in the world.

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